We have been amazed and humbled by the reception of our raw cold-pressed organic botanical Sacred Serum.

We respect Mother Earth and craft our products on nature's time with intention and love.

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Sacred Serum visibly reduces fine lines, refines skin’s texture and boosts radiance providing a youthful glow that shows.

We formulated the precise balance of botanical oils and healing herbs that heal, repair, protect and hydrate your skin.

Helly Verruno

❞ I began to notice some fine lines around my eyes and lips. Since using the Serum and Rose Mist I have been amazed by the lifting and the complete regeneration of my skin! ❞



Welcome to your Rituel...

Sacred Serum has superseded my expectations as a facial serum.....and I've personally used and sold hundreds of facial serums. I've found it to offer an impressive anti-inflammatory effect, without causing breakouts.

Doctor Kristen Aloupis @aloupisdermatology

Rituel is made with only organic plant ingredients that heal and beautify skin and honestly this is all I put on my skin now, no face wash, no toner, no makeup, just Rituel, some lip balm and mascara, and I feel like a goddess!

Colleen G ~ age 33 ~ Los Angeles

I am 47 years old and suffer from some hormonal acne and my skin hasn’t broken out since I've started using it. My skin feels amazing and my fine lines seem to have diminished. And I love that Rituel uses glass, as I am really trying to reduce my single use plastic consumption.

Kristin P. ~ age 47 ~ French West Indies

I have been using RITUEL serum for a short time and love it!! I feel the power of the plant energy and love the scent of the mixture of all the sacred botanical extracts. After using it at night, I wake to my skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Kim H. ~ age 50 ~ Oakland

This elixir has so many beneficial oils for your skin. Light, rich and intensely soothing. It absorbs beautifully and leaves your skin feeling and looking fresh and renewed. Thank you for this easy luxurious nutritious way for me to care for my skin. I love it!

Katie B. ~ age 40

An organic facial serum and hydrating rose mist that visibly regenerates your skins appearance.



Anti-inflammatory ~ Promote cell regeneration ~ Antioxidant-rich ~ Rich in vitamins C, D, E, A & B ~ High in minerals & essential fatty acids ~ Protect skin from free radicals ~ Promote collagen production ~ Anti-acne ~ Skin tone-balancing ~ Redness-reducing ~ Promote a healthy glow ~ Encourage skin firmness and elasticity ~ Balance oil production in the face ~ Heal scars and blemishes ~ Reverse age spots and sun damage ~ Nourish eyebrows & lashes ~ Enhance the bliss of loving oneself! 

Formulated by Herbalist Marysia Miernowska

Renowned formulator, herbalist, author & teacher